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"Educate, Empower, and Enable India"

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Volunteer and Intern Abroad, Gap Year and Responsible Travel with Kenosis Foundation, India!

As an international volunteer organization, our mission is to make extraordinary international volunteer and internship experiences universally accessible. We have volunteer abroad, intern abroad, cultural adventure, language immersion, and gap year programs in India. Our volunteer or internship work placements include: Teaching English, Computer and languages, Care-giving and Orphanage Work, Community Development and Business Coaching, Healthcare, Micro-Finance Work, Teaching, Tourism Work, Journalism or Photography Work, health and medicine, medical students elective, building and renovation, mural and arts,  sports and culture, Veterinary and animal care, Wildlife / Environmental work, Agriculture, and more. More work can possibly be arranged upon request. Every year, we try to add new countries and new work choices in order to provide more options to international volunteers. We are dedicated to provide quality services to our volunteers. We do this by providing international programs that:


  • Make a Difference to the Global Community

  • Promote Cross Cultural Understanding

  • are Customized to Your Needs

  • have Flexible Work Schedule and Start Date

  • are Extremely Affordable (program fees starting from only US$480)


These volunteer and internship programs are designed to help the local communities at the same time of providing a cultural learning experience to our volunteers and interns.


1) Customized Programs with Flexible Work Schedule

  • The programs are customized for you according to your needs. Whether you want to work a lot or a little and whether you prefer urban or rural areas, we do our very best to make sure that your program is what you want, not what you are given.


2) Flexible Start Time and Duration

  • We have extremely flexible start dates and durations. You can start any week of the year with advanced notice. The duration can vary from 2 week to 6 months for most programs. You may also extend your stay with advanced notice.


3) Build Up Your Resume and Improve Your Skills 

  • We try to provide work placements that are educative and meaningful. These programs help to build up your resume, improve your skills, build global networks, learn a new culture, practice a new language, travel, and get the experience of a lifetime.


4) The Best and the Most Affordable Way to See the World

  • It is the best and most cost-effective way to travel and see the world. You will feel more like a part of the local society and gain more cultural insight. Open yourself up to other cultures, and challenge your personal beliefs. Increase your global awareness and cultural intelligence. Life’s too short to live in a bubble.


5) Make a Difference in the Global Community

  • We regularly inspect the programs and make sure they have an impact to the society and be worthwhile to the volunteers/interns. You will feel needed and you will make a difference in the global community.


6) Quality Services and Complimentary Travel Services

  • Before your arrival in the host country, we provide rapid response to emails and inquiries (within 48 hours). After your arrival, we provide you 24/7 hotline for in-country support.


We give travel advice and help you with flight/tour booking free of charge. Most of our partner organizations regularly arrange cultural and social activities to help you enjoy your time abroad and build friendships.


Don’t just travel as a tourist – with Kenosis Responsible Travel experience the real world and make a difference. Responsible travel in this day and age is essential to build mutual learning and understanding. With that in mind, Kenosis carefully selects sustainable, locally-led, ethical projects delivering a positive impact to local communities and environments and facilitating cultural exchanges. And you can become a part of that!


Our projects offer you the opportunity to volunteer abroad, learn a language abroad, intern abroad, study abroad or take a gap year. With over 50 projects in 32 states across Indian continents, volunteers come from and get involved depending on their interests.


We offer placements for participants of all ages, from duration as short as 2 weeks, all the way up to 12 months! We have projects that suit both skilled and unskilled volunteers and interns and we cater for many different types of people: individual volunteers, family volunteers, and all kinds of group volunteers including social groups, corporate groups, school groups and university groups. Also, if you are travelling as a couple, you might want to check out our honeymoon volunteer projects – you don’t have to be on your honeymoon to enjoy the benefits these projects have to offer.


For more detailed information about our current projects and fieldwork, please visit volunteer and internship Abroad on our website.


Any other questions, feel free to contact us  or write to us at kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com


You are interested by this volunteering and internship in India, please apply now.


“My trip to India was my first trip solo trip abroad, so I was a little apprehensive but as soon as I met other people on the trip I felt very at home… I speared (and ate) my first lionfish and even got to snorkel with a whale shark! I also received my advanced SCUBA certification and got to go on my first night dive… When you travel as a volunteer, you are exposed to and develop and appreciation for what “real life” is like in that environment, as opposed to only seeing the pretty, well-developed and commercialized tourist areas.” -Tracy, Germany

“I have learnt a lot about how the hospital function and the work which goes on in the lab. The whole change in culture itself was an experience.” Lara-Bavinton, USA

“Born and raised in a college town of the Midwest of the United States. I study Geography and work at a vegetarian cafe and juice bar. I practice gratitude and other forms of meditation. If you want to see the world, and be involved in helping people wherever you end up going, Kenosis is a great way to do that. Kenosis programs allow you to see the beauty of the developing world and its anthropological riches, as well as participate directly in service with the local people.” -Thomas Blower, UK

Kenosis Foundation (KF) in India is a non-political and non-religious organization. Its mission is to “educate, empower and enable” women and girl children of poverty stricken and dehumanized communities. It’s by uniting people of different local communities in order to create development in the broadest sense through the implementation of the projects that aim at transferring knowledge, skills and capacity to individuals and communities who need assistance to come out of poverty and other dehumanizing conditions.


The development work members do is diverse, but all based on fighting shoulder to shoulder with the poorest of the poor.


The development approach is centred on people organizing together in their communities as they take an active participation with responsibility in creating change in their lives and communities.


We got registered on June 29, 2013, as a not for profit organization under Charity Trust Act 1882, in Bangalore City, Karnataka state, INDIA.

Our Charity Projects

Microfinance for rural poor

Computer Skills in Rural Communities

Girl Children Education Sponsorship

Micro Credit for Women Self Help Groups

Clean Water Project in rural Schools and  Communities

Health and Hygiene Campaign in Schools & Communities

You Women Association in Communities

International volunteer, Internship, and cultural Exchange Opportunities

ERASMUS+ Programme in India, 2017

Volunteer and Internships Abroad